Divine Daya Home is a home for aged people, the unwanted of the society, worn out and wear outs of God's children where they are taken care of.The basic purpose of setting up the home is to provide food but the founder did not stop at giving food alone, but gave them the word of Life, JESUS in praise and worship programmes. The beneficiaries come by the surrounding places. they come together to pray and listen to the Word of God. Seeing that some of them are unable, daily sister prayed to God to build a home to provide residence.

Ask and you shall receive was a positive stroke when God in the persons of the founder of the spiritual children came forward to help her to have shelter named karuna Nilayam for residence. Presently we have 46 old aged people who benefit from the Divya Daya Home. Phase one of the home has been constructed with a small meditation centre. The phase two of construction will have to be completed with a shelter.


There are no specific official data on the income of the elderly in India. The estimated number of poor persons in the total population of India was 272 million in 1984-85(government of India, 1986). Gore (1992) estimated that about 6 percent of the poor persons, that is, about 16.3 million persons were above the age of 60 years and poor. Although current official estimate of poverty among the elderly are not available, we can be sure that there are millions of elderly persons below the official poverty line. But, it is important for us to bear in mind, the many limitations of official poverty estimates. Despite the fact that official poverty estimation relies almost completely on monetary sources of income, the Indian census data cover the other aspects such as illiteracy, employment, dependency, living arrangements and health problems among the elderly.

Most people do not own their own land and work seasonally for wealthy landlords. When there is no cultivation work they exist as best they can on casual jobs, or they simply go hungry. In this economic situation the position older people is particularly difficult. Once a person becomes too old to work he or she has to depend on support by their already impoverished children. If they have no family they must beg in order to survive.

The preliminary findings suggest that the main problems effecting the provision of care by older people are: loss of remittances and other financial support , of lack of food and clothing high cost of medical fees during illness, loss of economic support and diminished livelihood that the health of the elder career‚ has taken a big blow. Older people are under serious physical and emotional stress.


The mission of Divya Daya Home for the veterans is to enhance the quality of life of older persons by providing a broad range of residential and community based services in a professionally competent and financial responsible manner.

We are dedicated to the provision of quality health care and living accommodations for our residence, and to accomplishing this mission by..

  • Responding to the physical and emotional needs of all residents.
  • Providing excellent care through multiple level of service in selected locations.
  • Providing an environment that enhances each residents awareness of his or her medical condition, treatment and prognosis, dignity, security, comfort and peace of mind
  • Ensuring that services are provided and that facilities are maintained in a fiscally responsible manner
  • Providing through people, facilities and programs, a balance between security and independence for residents, which assist in achieving and maintaining the residents highest practicable physical, mental and psycho- social well-being, in accordance with each residents comprehensive assessment and plan of care.


The inhabitants are encouraged to keep the presence of God by listening to Gods words and by prayers. They are helped to be cleaned and are provided with peaceful atmosphere. They are given medical help when needed.

Divya Daya Home has completed its first phase of construction. The phase two consists of a shelter which is yet to be completed. With this facility the old age villagers visit the home every morning at 8 am and participate in the meditation that end at 12 noon every day, after which they receive the midday food and as the day ends, the home packs the evening supper for these old aged villagers. Once the phase two of the shelter construction is completed we place the old aged people we place the old aged people as full time borders in this home.

First Saturday they are given praise and worship whole day. The founder, with the help of her spiritual children gives the aged a very grand Christmas Celebration, providing them new clothes feast day dinners, sweets and cakes.

Future Plans

To facilitate shelter to accommodate around 100 aged.

  • To complete the remaining area of construction of the home.
  • To begin an health care centre with adequate medical support for the old aged and poor people who suffer from diseases who are prone to many which shall be free of cost.

Specific areas where financial support is essential

  • Complete the remaining construction of the old aged home.
  • Food, clothing and medicine for 100 old aged people
  • To invite sponsors to every old aged individual who will provide a Ray of Hope
  • "Being confident of this,that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."--Philippians 1:6 .It may be interrupted ,diverted or temporarily suspended.But Gods kingdom is constantly advancing forward.It can never be stopped.Christ set the kingdom in motion when he gave the Great Commission to his disciples.Since that day,those who are being added to the kingdom have continued to grow full force despite opposition.Remember,God is not finished with you yet.Your impact for the gospel will continue as long you remain faithful to Him.